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3300BCNW Euro Line European Tour (ET) 4000

They don't come any better than this ! Our European Tour 4000 Saddle bags are simply the best long distance touring bags available anywhere.  A full eight inches across and capable of holding more than twenty five liters of gear per bag, ET 4000's make it easy to pack large or odd shaped objects.  Removable HDPE inserts make washing easy, but more importantly, they allow the saddlebags to form to the shape of the bike while providing no-sag support, even with large cargo loads.Like the 1501 Eurosport Tankbag, I became familiar with the ET4000's on the XL600 Honda ride to Alaska with my wife . . . . she got one bag, I, the other. After fabricating a guard to keep the bag away from the Honda's hot, high exhaust pipe, the bags fit easily and were quickly removable on the British Columbia and American ferry boats when we went from the car deck to the cabin desks . . .  What? You thought I rode from Santa Barbara to Skagway two-up and a 600 single? No way! The bags took several dirt-road flops with nary a whimper, remained waterproof with the provided covers and looked new again after a trip to the car-wash with a spray-bottle of Simple Green. Lockable? somewhat?..versatile?..amazingly so as the same bags took still more abuse on a later trip around Australia.
- Bruce Armstrong


  • Available in tough Industrial Grade Ballistic Urethane Coated Nylon

  • Quick release mounting
  • Multiple compartments for increased versatility
  • Full clearance for passenger footpegs
  • Dual # 8 zippers with silent sliders & TWO rows of stitching, top loading main compartment
  • Detachable hip pouch on each bag
  • Seams are bound on the inside and stress-point red bar tacked
  • Dimensions: Main section : 14.5" x 8" x 12" (per side) Small pouch : 8" x 2" x 12" Side pouch : 13.5" x         2" x 11
  • Volume: 2.2 cubic feet  or   61.7 liters of space !
  • Colors : Black
  • Made in USA

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    Type: Motorcycle Bag

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