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5400BCNW CR2 Tail Trunk

When you start traveling and doing overnighters on a Sport Bike you have to carry more stuff than normal. You have a choices. There's tank bags like the CR2, probably a good enough size for overnighters maybe up to two nights. You could also ride with a backpack, but you know how lame that makes you feel right?

No? well it looks lame, how's that? You could even invest in generic tail trunks and saddle bags - we make those too. But if you are concerned with function, form and style then this is it. The CR2 Tail trunk is matched to the CR2 tank bag and saddlebags. The Tail Trunk is designed to hold enough stuff for a few days travel. It's large enough to carry street clothes, including shoes.You can use it alone or with the saddle bags. either way you will have room to safely and securely carry what you need and probably a little bit more.

5400 Mounting Instructions 

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  • New Bungee style top hatch with mesh pocket
  • Sport Style free form
  • Mesh Side Pockets 
  • High Visibility Reflective Side Strips
  • Shoulder Strap / Backpack strap system
  • Internal mesh pocket on inside top lid
  • New silent zippers and NEW zipper Technology which is less abrasive
  • Internal Key-bob
  • Floating Tail Trunk Base
  • Slip-not Free Form Rubberized base bike protection panel
  • Gymstyle Heavy-Duty carrying handle
  • Adjustable harden bungee hooks
  • Bungee style attachment system
  • Dimensions: Length 14" x Width 9" to 10.5" x Height 6" 
  • Volume: 840 cubic inches or 13.77 liters of space !
  • Color : Black
  • World Famous Lifetime Warranty

Mounting Instructions

Collections: Tail Trunks, Travel Bags

Type: Motorcycle Bag

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