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9100BCNW Buddy Tow

When you need the Buddy Tow, it's priceless ! This is the only tow strap made expressly for motorcycles and ATV's. Tucked away in its carrying case attached to you handlebar or crossbar, the Buddy Tow is always ready when you need it !

Bruce's Story :
This simple accessory—12’ of high strength webbing in a handy carry pouch—should be a standard part of every rider’s kit. Whether used to tie your bike down in a truck (or ferry boat’s car deck as I did on the way to Alaska), tow a friend into the nearest gas supply, tighten a tent pole….whatever….the Buddy Tow has endless uses. Don’t leave home without one (or two)! Going to Baja Mexico every 3rd rider has to have a Buddy Tow.


  • Tough military spec nylon webbing (1785 lb. test)
  • 12' x 1"
  • Going to Baja Mexico every 3rd rider needs a Buddy Tow
  • Color: Black
  • World Famous Lifetime Warranty

Mounting Instructions

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