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1360 Black BC NW Tank Bag SR3

    Now this is a Tankbag that is the proverbial  Swiss Army Knife of traditional tankbags, has the pockets and then some...with a touch sensitive touring map-pouch and then you want more it swallows your helmet like your pet at dinner time. So to say you have capacity is and understatement...So now the choice is yours get it and go for your motorcycle ride & ride...and have fun...


    • Made of Industrial Grade Ballistic Nylon Fabric
    • Main Compartment large enough for a full face helmet
    • Top lid has 4 pockets, 1 pockets that go into the inside of the bag & one on the left side that is small for earplugs & the like, 1 mesh that is flat pocket, the top main mesh pocket with #8 zipper with side entrance
    • 2 Envelope pockets on the side with # 8 zipper
    • 2 Side mesh pockets
    • Available Optional Backpack Harness Part # 10915 (magnetic Tankbags), Part # 10916 for strap mount tankbags 
    • Mounts for optional Shoulder Strap Part # 2000
    • Map pouch design for use with Electronic Devices such as Smart phones & tablets with touch screens so that you can operate you screen through your map pouch, just turn on your devices and touch the finger sensitive map pouch to bring up your map APP and then navigate to your destination...
    • Pack Hook Crisscross Bungee on the top lid, pack hooks are also used to mount our map pouch
    • Rubberized carrying handle with 2 heavy duty "D" rings on either side of the handle
    • Shoulder Strap also included
    • Rubberized magnetic wings to capture and hold your bag to the tank (Industrial Grade Magnets)
    • High Visible Reflective Stripes along either side
    • Inside Mesh Pocket on the top lid with # 8 zipper
    • Inside Key Fob
    • 2 Inside Envelope Mesh pockets
    • Scratch-proof Skid-proof Bottom Tankpad, tankpad has secondary flap to conceal magnetic flaps with carrying the Tankbag of the bike.
    • Frontal keeper strap has extra security in holding you bag on the bike
    • # 8 Zipper is reversed to reduce wear & prevent water from getting into the bag
    • All zippers have Silent zipper sliders
    • Tri-laminated foam sewn into the tankbag structure to keep it's unique Shape & Form which protects your helmet when you are carrying one
    • Inside Mesh lip which holds your inside items from spilling out when the bag is open
    • Contrasting internal color to make it easy to find your stuff
    • Dimensions: Length 15" x Width 12.5" x Height 9.5"
    • Volume: About 1600 cubic inches, 26.21 liters
    • Optional Backpack Harness Available
    • The 1360 SR3 is a prefect Tankbag for those long Touring trips like your cross country journey etc

    Magnetic Mounting Instructions

    Strap Mount Instructions

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    Type: Motorcycle Bag

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