I have on my 2018 KLR 650: 450M Tank Bag, 8875BK Tool Roll, 4200 Hideaway Tail bag I LOVE my Chase Harper bags!! They are extremely well made, reliable and accommodating. I totally recommend them to all of my friends who have motorcycles. Thank you!

Bob P

I have been a Chase Harper user for 20+ years now. I have the ET4000 saddle bag. Recently there was substantial abrasion to the textile material from an accident, the saddle bag's hard plastic liners completely protected the bike (and a lap top). Nice! I sent photos of the new bags to Ron Harper a few weeks ago.I have two or three of the complimentary zippered tool pouches from many years ago. Like them a lot. What I like most about Chase Harper USA is the good quality construction, great functionality. I ride daily and the saddlebags get a lot of use with errands and shopping. Several years ago I had a zipper repair that was performed at no charge. Lately (maybe 15 years now) I have applied JB Weld as a zipper stop where the zipper teeth get bunged up and that's been fine - I know I can call for service if I want. Thank you for being the great company you are! Thanks. -Russ

Russ Madsen

I like that Chase Harper luggage is manufactured here in the USA. Likewise, Not only is their products affordable, they are also a higher quality than the other name brand luggage and accessory companies. I am currently using two chase Harper bags: first is the 4200 HIDEAWAY TAIL TRUNK and secondly is the 4250BCNW DELUXE HIDEAWAY TAIL TRUNK. I recommend Chase Harper luggage to others.

Patrick Groves


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