9200BLKBC Grab-N-Go Bandolier

Chase Harper USA announces a new addition to their extensive line of Motorcycle luggage – the Grab-N-Go Bandolier. Motorcyclists are faced with the challenge of bringing along stuff when they ride. Of course some bikes have plenty of storage space but there’s still the issue of the things you want to keep with you at all times – identification, cell phone, money, sunglasses and earplugs. The Grab-N-Go Bandolier addresses this little need in a compact minimalist way.

The need for this product was conceived with full leathers on. There’s absolutely no pockets to bring stuff. Sure we had the usual unlimited array of backpacks (too cumbersome and uncomfortable when loaded), fanny packs (tank scratches) and small tank bags to choose from but they all had some issue. We wanted something that would be handy, not too big but could handle those “must bring” things. The vision of Batman’s Utility belt danced in our heads but we still had the same issues as fanny packs. However, the purposeful pockets for essential items was born and going “bandolier style” (we are in Pancho Villa country after all) made sense!

Designed and tested by our group of riders, the Grab-N-Go Bandolier carries all your essentials either outside or inside your riding jacket. It will not flap in the wind-blast of a naked bike, it will not swing across your tank on a sport bike and it will not get caught up on body work. The articulated form and adjust-ability of the Grab-N-Go Bandolier will conform to your shoulder and waist (available in left and right hangin’ models too) to ensure a comfortable and functional fit.

The Grab-N-Go Bandolier has pockets to accommodate Cell Phone, Wallet, Sunglasses, Keys, ear plugs and a bonus pocket that is a full length area for those extras you might have like digital camera or checkbook.

5 zippered pockets – from top to bottom Cell Phone or Sunglasses Wallet or cell phone Loose Cash or credit cards Keys – and there’s an elastic hook in there too Extra large zippered pocket on inside surface for whatever fits

All pockets are gusseted so that there is expansion room. This prevents things like sunglasses from getting wasted by unnecessary pressure or cell phones from making those outgoing calls (you know when the send key gets pressed).

1 external web pocket to stash your ear plugs and more importantly being able to find them again later.

There’s a reflective strip on the outside front that also doubles as a pen holder.

Additional webbing provides places to attach things like Identification, pit passes or carabiners.


  • Absolutely cool neoprene water bottle retention straps (neoprene fastener)
  • Quick release buckle
  • Swivel key holder
  • Plenty of handy compartments
  • Seams are bound on the inside and stress points are bar tacked
  • Dual Top # 8 zippers with TWO rows of stitching
  • Color : Black
  • World Famous Lifetime Warranty

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